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High School Volleyball Rules, 2020-2021 Rule Changes

If weather is extremely hot and humid early in season, high school volleyball rules permit officials to wear black shorts. The officials uniform consists of all white collared polo shirt, black slacks, solid black athletic shoes, and black socks. Reason the change...High school volleyball rules no longer require officials to wear striped shirts.

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High school volleyball rules require the server to start behind the end line. Servers must stay behind that end line until after they hit the ball. Servers must stay behind that end line until after they hit the ball.

Volleyball Rules + Regulations (EASY TO UNDERSTAND)

High school and University: at least 2 meters, 3 meters is preferable. National / FIVB: minimum 3 meters, with a minimum of 5 m from the sidelines and 6.5 m from the end lines for world and official tournaments. Net Height


Rules Reminder COACHES CONDUCT ON INFLUENCING DECISIONS §NFHS Volleyball Rule 12, Section 2, Article 8C states that it is unsporting like conduct for a coach to attempt to “influence a decision by a referee”. Coaches that visually signal line calls will be subject to sanctions as outlined in NFHS Rule 12-2-8C. This does not

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Basic Volleyball Rules: NFHS Court Diagram. Net height for high school girls is 7' 4 1/8. Net height for high school boys is 7' 11 5/8". Two antennae are placed on each end of the net over the sidelines marking the vertical boundary of the court.

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4-1-4 (NEW): Allows the use of a molded protective face mask made of hard material during play. Rationale: Creates consistency with other NFHS rules codes. 7-1-1; 7-1-1 PENALTIES; 7-1-1 PENALTIES 2 (NEW); 9-9-1a (NEW); 10-3-7b: Eliminates the loss of rally/point penalty for failure to submit the team roster during the prematch conference and replaces the penalty with an unnecessary delay (administrative yellow card).

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Answer: Currently the NFHS volleyball rules do not prohibit a team from leaving the bench area when intermission is being used. If leaving, the coach has the responsibility to have the team back on court ready to play by the end of the intermission and to submit the lineup no later than two minutes into the interval between sets.


2019-20 VOLLEYBALL CORRECTIONS. Rules Book: Page 17, 4-2-1e: A single mascot reference and/or school name may be placed on the sleeve(s), not to exceed either 4 inches by 4 inches or 3 inches by 5 inches. Preseason Guide: Page 3, Play 6, Ruling 6: The referee will blow the whistle, signal out-of- bounds (#13) award a loss of rally/point to Team B and signal out-of- bounds (#13).